The concert on 12 February 2016at the JWD in Berlin is canceled.
Our guitarist Rolf has a broken rib. Get well soon,
Ginger, Thomas and Ralph

Tuesday, 23.08.11

Terrific party at the "Energy Event Großenlüder!"

After a 500 km trip through a constant mix of sunshine, fog and rain, we arrived
at the wonderful place Großenlüder near Fulda.

The sound check was really easy going and went by fast and smoothly due to the fine
sound crew there. About noon everything was done.
Afterwards killing time was the order of the day.

During the whole afternoon and early evening a great stage program was already
going on.The bands "Point Alpha" and "Timeless" played with much blood, sweat
and tear and rocked out very well.

Shortly after 8 it was ready at last, the show could start. A super lead in and a neat tent!

Then it happened:
After the presenter got the people in front of the stage and with the first chords,
hearing us kicking into "Caroline", the tent filled up promptly and the mood was
fantastic from the first tone up to the last encore - unbelievable!

Thank you to a super fantastic audience - you really rocked the place.
We have felt the vibrations of 3000 pairs of legs up to the backmost corner of the
gigantic stage.

After we finished, "New Gig In Town", an Eagles cover band from the Netherlands did
their superb show. Well done, great singing!

The next morning at the hotel still a lot of fun was going on during breakfast
and unbelievable stories were traded.
All involved musicians were really up to scratch and the whole festival was
organized very well.
Just really comfortable!

The press: here

Pictures will come up soon.

Tuesday, 07.07.09

Right back from three days on the road doing "THE SIZZLING HEAT TOUR 09":
Four sexy old men, still soaked in sweat, smelling like... - well no details please!

You can easily put up a cable railway from Berlin to London just using
Rolfs and Gingers broken guitar strings and our drummer Ralph, looking for his
personal tribute to regenerative energy, came up with this very unique inspiration:


He smashed so many of them, enough firewood for a lot of snug and warm winter
nights to come.
We really didn't count the sweat-soaked T-shirts.

The last day in Bad Lausick knocked us off twice:
Ines and Harald, the heavy duty Quo fans from Riesa in Saxon didn't avoid the long
trip, to watch our show - wow!
We know the two since our gig in Vetschau last year, really great to see them again.
Their personal Billboard Chart of visited Quo concerts jumped up
from 22 to 25 since the last time.

In the afternoon Larry Schuba was on stage to do his thing.
Ginger and Larry are real good fellows since primeval times and gigged together
probably about 3000 shows.
So with a "cool blonde" there was really a bunch of laughing and talking going on
backstage, mostly trading anecdotes from the past.

Finally we would like to say a big thank you to all the sound and light crews
during the tour.
Nothing works without them, but with these guys everything went fine - real pro's!

See you next time.

Wednesday, 24.12.08

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of our old and new friends and fans!

Monday, 20.10.08

Oh dear, the whole week-end nearly went wrong this time.
Half of the band was hit with the snout pest. Rolf had got it especially badly, really down to his knees.
The whole tour was on the verge of being canceled.
But, thanks God we made it in the end. Our Rolf bravely made a good showing and delivered his full shred.
Dear people in Rostock, we would like to say a very big thank you. To hear and see you singing "Rocking All Over The World" to us during the last set was really a thrill. Without music! Just You! Whoa!
So we kicked in and it was a hell of an evening, singing and dancing together having a good time.
Jesus, that's why we are in it!
Ahoy and see you soon.


Alright dear friends, it took some time, but now here it is, our new fan corner.
Really nice snapshots of all of you.
Many thanks to all the photographers for the pictures.
We really had a good time, adding a few amusing comments here and there.
Have fun with it.

To look at the photos, click here

Monday, 04.08.08

Vetschau was great! Many thanks to promoter Knut Petrick and to the guys running the monitor sound system. You all did a hell of a job and gave us a damned good time on stage right from the start.
After the gig we got into conversation with a nice couple from Saxony, really
Status Quo fans from head to toe. They told to us that they have already been at
22 Quo concerts.
Actually on a holiday trip in the Vetschau area and nearly on their way back home again, they came across our poster and decided on the spot to look for a hotel for one more night to visit the concert.
Dear friends, this is a rock'n'roll right to the bones! We will stay in contact and may be doing some shows in Saxony soon.
The press was also there and gave a great report on the evening.
Sorry, there is no English translation of the article.

To read the article, click here

Friday, 13.06.08

What a brilliant date today!
Definitely not a black Friday for us, oh no, not at all! In fact it was really
our lucky day to meet event photographer Mirko Barby during our gig
at the "Parkbühne" in Berlin-Biesdorf. He did an incredible job and best of all,
he let us have the photos for free. So we picked up a choice of his first class
shots and put it into our picture gallery.

See for yourself and click here

Thursday, 12.06.08

Kind regards to Angermünde. The cultural association took very well care of us gave us a really
good time there. A very big hand to the boys of the technical crew for
increasing the stage for us, really uncomplicated and fast. To see our
Schwedter friends among the audience was a really a special kick.
For more details about the concert please read the press report of the
"Märkische Oderzeitung".
Sorry, there is no English translation of the article.

So test your German skills and click here

Tuesday, 11.03.08

!! Top Highlight !!

AC DC meets Status Quo
BON'S BEST - rock with us in the Brandenburghalle.
Rock til you drop!!!.
Special guests: the band S T E A M B O A T .
All other information is on the poster.
Looking forward to see you all!

Tuesday, 30.10.07

Top News!!
SQRR Internet radio a German fan board statusquorockt.de is online.
Sunday 28.10.2007 they went online for the 1st time.
DJ Yeti played the best music & requests.
Many of the listeners were interactive to with the chat room. In all a good feeling with great music.
We were also part of the Premiere as we made 2 radio jingles for SQRR
and they played them many times in the 1st show.
The show will be online Wednesdays & Sundays at 8pm.
So all our friends are welcome just click on the SQRR banner below and join in the fun.

Tuesday, 16.10.07

At last our new guestbook is up and running & this time without popup adds
that get on your nerves ;-)
We managed to save all the old entries too.
It was a lot of work but it was worth it in the end thanks for being patient.
Have fun!

Friday, 11.10.07

We have posted a new Songlist.
Have fun!

Click here to see the songlist!

Monday, 08.10.07

What a shock when we looked in our guestbook You could only read an not write a
new entry. The provider has had a big problem with hackers and technical faults and
has stopped the service.
We are working hard to find a solution to this problem and that all entries will be
reprinted in the new guestbook. As soon as it´s up and running.
Please be patient.

Wednesday, 17.08.07

Our new picture gallery is ready. We have worked on our photo archive and were amazed at what we found.
There are new photos & some rare photos of earlier days.
Have fun looking!

Click here to see the photos!

Friday 17.08.07

Other things that sometimes happen:

Our drummer Ralph received a phone call yesterday at 11.am.
TV station RBB wanted to show a special on the 30th remembrance of Elvis's death.
The drummer of the band from Elvis imitator "The Memphis Man" had to go to the Hospital.
Ralph had to pack his drums and race to Potsdam Babelsberg by 2.30pm.
A quick rehearsal and sound check and the show was live on TV at 6.30pm.
Smliedriver wishes the bands Drummer a speedy recovery.


An incident that happened at the German - American volksfest on Tuesday, July 31
which saw a section of the back stage area collapsing and sending Rolf + Ginger
falling 2 meters off the stage. Bassist Tom and Drummer Ralph then called for help thinking the worst.
A man from the Red Cross was on the scene in seconds.
Both guitarists were shook up and bruised and in pain but no broken bones.
After about 10 minutes both, Rolf + Ginger said they were OK and played the Gig.
When talking about it later the two Guitarists said
" The Quo must go on "

Tuesday, 17.07.07

A big thanks to the city of Fürth.
Its not often that we play such a well organized festival like the one at the
Grünen Markt.
Everything was just right, we don't know how much time & effort this took .
A special thanks to the promoter Thomas Schier and his team from Vision Fürth.
Thanks for the good sound and a very special thanks to the team at the
Prison St.Michel for the fantastic food after the show.

And what would a band be without a great ordinance we had a lot of positive feedback
from some of them & also some nice Emails, & also this fantastic snapshot
from 12yrs old Pascal. We just had to add this photo to our website. :


We´ve added two new songs to our list:
Big Fat Mama & All Stand Up (Never Say Never).

Tuesday, 10.07.07

At the Hard Rock Café s 15th Anniversary party in Berlin we met up with Rita Gilligan MBE.
Rita was the 1st waitress at the 1st Hard Rock Café in London and is still active today for the HRC. She travels the World as the first Lady of Rock 'n' Roll.
We had a lot of fun talking with her and have lots of funny story's.


We made a funny photosession at a gardenparty.
You can see them in our photosection.

Click here for funpictures

Friday, 27.04.07

This is our new man on the bass. His name is Thomas Seeger.
Well, he's not so new. Rolf and Ralph have played over 10 years in other bands together with him.
Welcome back Thomas!