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Photos from friends and fans
Thank´s to Norma, Yeti and Mike for the photos!
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The 1st meeting of friends from the Status Quo forum Oh Moni, you sing so wonderful  Mike & Moni always have a good mood The band doesn't  look as good  as Uta-Maria. Norma & Uta come to nearly every show
In the next photo photo you can see.... ....that Erwin has a fantastic dentist! The 2nd Status Quo forum meeting in the cinema Kiste The drum animal has the biggest horns  ...The dynamic three

Everyone puts the heads together...
...and real gitars must glow in the dark!!
Best friends...  ...swap places  Quo fan´s forever Norma rehearsing for our next show Jürgen & Rainer have Ginger in the middle..
 Is there anybody else in the photo..?
The stage is glowing  ...  ...and glowing !!!! Yeti and Ralph have rented out there body's to Status Quo rockt   radio  
Norma says to Yeti I have seen Reinhold Messner  Yeti  does he really exist?
The fans from Schwedt are tired after the gig.

The band´s youngest drummer...
...and the conducting cook;-)
The rhythm section look to the right with interest at the next generation of rock stars...  He is only 12yrs old ...and plays drums like a pro. Roderix & Anka are watching... ...things from two different views And all the neighbours  came too
 Cheers Rainer, that beer came just in time!! This time we all look in the camera Ralph whispers to Norma  look right at what is going on in the next photo....  As a conductor he does it good!! Keep smiling,  bye bye.