" Summer, 2005 was the time for something new. The musicians had fulfilled their running contracts and were ready to go. Smiledriver kicked off. It all started nearly one year ago as a result of pure chance. The four later Smiledrivers were booked with their bands for the same festival. At one point during the usual backstage talk among fellow musicians, today nobody knows just why and how, the talk turned to Status Quo. The rest: See above
After the first test concerts in Berlin we knew: „ Yeah, we've got it! “ Bingo! This is the jackpot! We play the music we love at full speed and the audience loves us for doing just that - musician's heaven.
Since then we are on tour all over Germany, doing concerts and promoting our CD "The Quo Must Go On", recorded in 2006. The band is constantly gigging wherever we got paid, sometimes as a support act sometimes being the headliner. Everyday tour life.
In the studio as well we don't sit back and do nothing. Last year we recorded and produced two jingles for SQRR, the Internet radio of the German Status Quo fan forum and currently we write and rehearse the songs for our second CD.
Smiledriver, this is definitely not the nearby Oldie band just around the corner. We play, we rock and we perform Status Quo music on stage and everybody knows what he gets:
Footstompin' Boogie Rock right to the bones!
Even being often totally stripped down after the concerts - that's it, we love it!
Adrenalin power purely.

Ginger Taylor
leadvoc, git
Rolf Rettberg
git, voc
Thomas Seeger
bass, voc
Ralph Weber
drums, voc